XKCD down the rabbit hole

There is XKCD cartoon that I’ve been looking at off and on for a long time while I’ve been gone. OK, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But the “random” button is a black hole that I have fallen down over and over. The sad part is that I don’t have anyone to share it with who would really appreciate it. (sad face emoticon).

I have two other blogs I look at on a regular basis: Marginalia (boats, East Coast where I come from) and Lovely Bicycle. Velouria (aka Constace in real life) is my favorite. Younger than I am, but with a similar outlook on the world, and a life in a phase of redefinition. I’m not sure (still) how one manages that, but reading about someone else in similar straights is a comfort at 3AM.


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Architect, maker of things, bike rider and tinkerer
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