The Long Way Home

I have so much stuff, both physical (literally tons) and emotional. I like making things, which is good, and I have done it forever. And lots of tools, some of which I am good at using. But people are much harder, at least for me. I have been envious of the kind of people who live outside of themselves (my wife being one of them), but I’m not very good at that way of interacting with the world. I live in an interior world, for better or worse. A few years ago I went into a worse period. This series of posts is about coming back from that. The sad part is that the rest of my life has changed in ways that mean I am coming back to somewhere different than the place I left. Onward ho.

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XKCD down the rabbit hole

There is XKCD cartoon that I’ve been looking at off and on for a long time while I’ve been gone. OK, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But the “random” button is a black hole that I have fallen down over and over. The sad part is that I don’t have anyone to share it with who would really appreciate it. (sad face emoticon).

I have two other blogs I look at on a regular basis: Marginalia (boats, East Coast where I come from) and Lovely Bicycle. Velouria (aka Constace in real life) is my favorite. Younger than I am, but with a similar outlook on the world, and a life in a phase of redefinition. I’m not sure (still) how one manages that, but reading about someone else in similar straights is a comfort at 3AM.

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